Don Julio Foods - Brands & Products

Don Julio Foods isn’t just tortillas, chips, and salsas. They feature a wide array of brands and products ranging from the well-known Clover Club brand — a name synonymous with quality snack foods — to a fairly new creation from Don Julio called Julia’s.

Founded in 1993, Don Julio Foods features it’s own unique flavor of corn and flour tortillas, a selections of fine tortilla chips, and several options for dips and salsas. While the brand is fairly new, it has a wide audience and dedicated following inspired by their affordable price and delicious flavor.

When Clover Sanders started Clover Club Foods 70 years ago, it was based on superior recipes and a homegrown philosophy for making only the best tasting product. That tradition continues with Don Julio’s same homegrown philosophy. They’re a local company who’s proud of their local roots and the inherent value of their products. From the traditional potato chips to dips and cheese puffs, Clover Club Foods are still created with the same attention to detail that helped make it a household name decades ago.

Serving as a new and complimentary brand to Don Julio, Julia’s offers two unique styles of corn and flour tortillas. Julia’s is founded on the same principles that guide Don Julio when they consider a new product or brand — affordability and excellence.

  • Don Julio Flour Tortillas
    Authentic Southwest Style & Traditional
  • Don Julio Corn Tortillas
    White Corn & Yellow Corn
  • Don Julio Tortilla Chips
    White Restaurant, White Rounds & Yellow Rounds
  • Clover Club Potato Chips
    Classic, Crinkle, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, and Cheddar & Sour Cream